Creeping Charlie is a full service comedy company. We act as a booking and management agency specializing in finding & supporting the most talented comedians out there.

We book tours, venues, festivals and club nights around the world, while working closely with speakers agencies, corporate clients, labels, licensors, distributors and promo agencies - building up and accelerating our comedians careers.

We know the importance of fitting the right comedian to the right project. We understand that hiring a comedian for a corporate event can sometimes seem risky! But we listen and give our advice and find just the right mix for your corporate event or product launch. Introducing comedy in to a night can often be the catalyst in turning a good event in to a GREAT event!


Creeping Charlie was founded in 2009 by Hilary Coe & Janice Gourley. Janice has since run off to live in Bali.. we are all dead jealous.  Hilary was the Director of The New Zealander International Comedy Festival from 2001 to 2008 and has been integral in the professional growth of comedy in New Zealand.

After her time with the Festival, Hilary went on to work with MTV Networks to bring the world’s biggest television comedy channel Comedy Central, to New Zealand – she launched the channel on the SKY TV Platform in 2009.


She has acted as Live show Producer, TV Producer and Executive Producer on some of the best live for TV comedy shows in NZ.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in comedy both here and internationally, along with her expertise and knowledge in commercialising comedy and her dedication to supporting the professional growth of NZ comedians, Hilary has earned herself a  reputation as a respected and leading industry professional.

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